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             Jan-Feb 2007

  Auction Meeting Sales by Mike Dicecco and Keith Wright
  Items Found In Phonograph Cabinets That I Purchased by Bob Nix
  How My Train Jumped All 8 Tracks or Elvis Cool To Truck Stop Cruel, Program 1 by Keith Wright

             Mar-Apr 2007

  The Old Town Hall Auction by Mike Dicecco
  Bettini and the Perils of Advertising by Robert Feinstein
  Report: 2007 ARSC Conference by Anna-Maria Manuel

             May-Jun 2007

  Music, Money and Songwriters: ASCAP and its relation to Jazz and R&B Songwriters in the 1930s by Mark Quail
  At The Auction by Mark Caruana

             Jul-Aug 2007

  The Starr Company of Canada by Betty Minaker Pratt
  Why the Difference is in the Tone:
The Starr-Gennett Legacy
 by Elizabeth Surles
  CAPS Member Profile: Ken Vinen by Bob Nix
  Auction Highlights by Keith Wright

             Sep-Oct 2007

  Mr. W.E. Ramsay Of Toronto: More Forensic Phonography by Arthur E. Zimmerman and Betty Minaker Pratt
  Edison Class Ms Unique Place in Canadian Phonographic History by Paul Dodington

             Nov-Dec 2007

  Portable Pastimes by Betty Minaker Pratt and Bill Pratt
  Auction Highlights by Mike Dicecco