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Canadian Antique Phonograph Society
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Cylinder cabinet

I’m looking for a cabinet to store my Edison cylinders, and to put my Fireside B on top of. I’m not good at restoration, so I would prefer one in good condition. Pegs or drawers are ok. Let me know what’s out there!

Winnipeg, Manitoba
Contact: robinsmith76@hotmail.com (Robin Smith)

To record collectors and record dealers:

I am looking for a 1958 Piano Concertos 16 2/3 rpm VOX VXL-6 album. This album would also come with a VOX VXL sheet which would explain what is on the album. I am also looking for the following seven 16 2/3 rpm Audio Talking book records:

Red Badge of Courage (8 records)
Audio Book of Great Essays (8 records)
Treasure Island (8 records)
Just So Stories (5 records)
A Christmas Carol (4 records)
The Adventures of Pinocchio
King of The Golden River/The Great Stone Face (1 Record)

If anyone has any of these items, please contact me (Richard).

Dracut, Massachusetts, USA
Contact: rab73@comcast.net (Richard Banville) 978-905-5610
Records issued in Canada

I will pay a minimum of $100 for any of the following in excellent playing condition. Aurora 36-125 - Dave’s Harlem Highlights, Aurora 22008 - Herman Black Orch., Apex 774 - ‘That’s Why I Love You’ by Annette Hanshaw, Brunswick (Canadian only) – 4964 Ikey Robinson, 4965 Kansas City Tin Roof Stompers, 4967 Dixie Rhythm Kings. Following on Starr-Gennett label: 9517, 9524, 9557, 9615 - Oliver Naylor Orch., 9595, 9611 - Wolverine Orch., 9303,9304, 9313 - Friars Society Orch., 9374, 9405 - Viola McCoy, 4508 – Original New Orleans Jazz Band, Phonola 1155, 1156 - Original New Orleans Jazz Band, Gilbert Watson Orch (a Toronto Band) on Apex, Starr, Domino, Microphone and Lucky Strike labels.

Scarborough, Ontario
Contact: cjbray@es.utoronto.ca (Colin Bray)