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For Sale
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Member collects Berliner records, single-sided and brown shellac. Have many traders, the Imp (yup only 6 known), Keen-o-phone, Onlyphone, Zon-o-phone - light blue and green single-sided, and many more. Trade only.

Syracuse, New York
Contact: jimdale271@gmail.com

Eight Acoustic Brunswick Dance Band Records from the Early 1920s

2525-A & B Hot Roasted Peanuts, Gene Rodemich’s Orch.; Dream Daddy, Carl Fenton’s Orch. (E-)
2646-A & B Dog on the Piano, Mahsi, Isham Jones Orchestra (E-)
2401-A & B When Will I Know, Oriole Terrace Orchestra; Liza, Carl Fenton’s Orch.(V)
2264-A & B I’ve Got The Wonder Where He Went And When He’s Coming Back Blues, Who Tied the Can on the Old Dog’s Tail, Al Bernard (vocal) acc. by Carl Fenton’s Orch. (V)
2060-A & B Home Again Blues, Margie, Gene Rodemich’s Orchestra (G, slight scratch at beginning of Margie, plays OK)
2454-A & B Bebe, Love Tales, Gene Rodemich’s Orchestra (G)
2558-A & B St. Louis Gal, Just One More Kiss, Gene Rodemich’s Orch. (G- some wear, plays OK)
2474-A & B Oh! Sister Ain’t That Hot, On the Isle of Wicki Wacki Woo, Gene Rodemich’s Orch. (G- some wear, plays OK)

Asking $50.00 or best offer.

Halifax, Nova Scotia
Contact: siamoisdesyeuxbleus@gmail.com (Matthew)