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Canadian Antique Phonograph Society
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The City of London Phonograph and Gramophone Society (CLPGS)
Richard Taylor Bursary Grants, 2022

The CLPGS is the oldest society of its kind devoted to recorded sound, founded in the UK in 1919, with Thomas Edison as first Patron. It supports and encourages scholarship and publication by individuals in the field of sound recordings, early talking machines and audio preservation, particularly topics with a UK/European focus.

The CLPGS Richard Taylor Bursary (grants) programme is designed to help fund eligible projects in this field, including discographies, bibliographies, historical studies of the sound recording industry and its products, company label research, the history of talking machines, related technical developments and any other subject likely to increase the public's understanding and appreciation of the lasting importance of recorded sound. The grants are primarily - but not exclusively - intended for individuals undertaking academic research at a masters or doctoral level. It could, for instance, help fund independent research and publishing projects.

Both CLPGS members and non-members can apply for grants of at least £500. Grant funds may also be used to underwrite clerical, travel, and editorial expenses. Recipients are required to provide regular status updates to CLPGS; and are also encouraged to submit articles about their projects for publication in the CLPGS Journal For the Record.

The closing date for applications is 31st March 2022.
Full details on how to apply can be found at clpgs.org.uk/news.

WANTED: Phonograph collections for CAPS auctions. Do you have a partial or small phonograph collection (machines, parts & phonograph related items) that you are thinking of selling (or perhaps you’d like to downsize)? Then please consider having the items sold at the CAPS monthly auctions. Your items will be advertised to all CAPS members where "Absentee Bidding" is permitted for those who cannot attend the auction in person. We will arrange to pick up cartable items, prepare a complete list and send you payment less commission at the conclusion of every auction. Approximately a 10% commission is charged with all proceeds going to the club. You are not required to attend the meeting, as this is all part of the service. BUYERS: those members who wish to purchase items, but not attend in person, can contact Blain by email directly. A list of items available for absentee bids is sent out one week prior to the meeting date.

Tavistock, Ontario
Contact: bmccutchen@rogers.com - Blain McCutchen, CAPS Auction Manager
WANTED: We are always looking for stories or articles for the Antique Phonograph News. Written material should be original and have a tie-in to phonograph history, preferably in Canada. We have someone who can edit your submission, so why not give it a try. If you are a first time contributor to our magazine or have not been published in APN in the last 10 years, then next year's CAPS membership is FREE.

Toronto, Ontario
Contact: editor@capsnews.org - Mark Caruana-Dingli, APN Editor
WANTED: Records issued in Canada. I will pay a minimum of $100 for any of the following in excellent playing condition: Aurora 36-125 - Dave’s Harlem Highlights, Aurora 22008 - Herman Black Orch., Apex 774 - ‘That’s Why I Love You’ by Annette Hanshaw, Brunswick (Canadian only) – 4964 Ikey Robinson, 4965 Kansas City Tin Roof Stompers, 4967 Dixie Rhythm Kings. Following on Starr-Gennett label - 9517, 9524, 9557, 9615 - Oliver Naylor Orch., 9595, 9611 - Wolverine Orch. 9303, 9304, 9313 - Friars Society Orch, 9374, 9405 - Viola McCoy, 4508 – Original New Orleans Jazz Band. Phonola 1155, 1156 - Original New Orleans J.B. Gilbert Watson Orch (a Toronto Band) on Apex, Starr, Domino, Microphone and Lucky Strike labels. POSITIVELY BEST PRICES PAID.

Scarborough, Ontario
Contact: cjbray@es.utoronto.ca
Gramophone/Phonograph Repairs. Repairs to disc & cylinder machines. Good stock of parts.
Also buy & sell.

Brampton, Ontario
Contact: angeloraffin@hotmail.com
FOR SALE: Phonograph Needles - Loud • Medium • Soft • Spearpoint. Always in stock.

St. Paul, MN, USA
Contact: www.VictrolaNeedles.com