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Zoom Auctions
Canadian Antique Phonograph Society
Past online Zoom auctions with links to the complete auction listings and a sampling of the items sold.
Details about the Auction Procedure including Terms and Conditions and Submitting an Item.
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15 - September 11, 2022Complete Auction Listing6 items, 2 sold
Capitol A40038
Not sold
Victor 25618
Fats Waller
Not sold
Cobra 5000
Otis Rush
Sold for $10.00
Okeh 8045
Sara Martin
Sold for $35.00

14 - June 5, 2022Complete Auction Listing9 items, 1 sold
Five Facsimile Phonograph
Catalogs, 164 pages
Berliner, Bettini, Victor,
Eldridge R. Johnson
Sold for $35.00
Original 32 inch Nipper Dog
made by The Rubber Guild, Montreal
Not sold
EMG Mk 10B Hand Made
Gramophone made in 1934
Not sold
Ajax 17063
Remorseful Blues
Just Like You Took My Man Away From Me
Mamie Smith and Her Jazz Hounds
Not sold

13 - April 24, 2022Complete Auction Listing7 items, 4 sold
Benny Goodman Sextet
4-disc Box Set
Including Ain't Misbehavin',
I Got Rhythm, Tiger Rag,
China Boy, Shine,
Just One Of Those Things
Sold for $12.00
Two Edison Blue Amberols
Golden and Hughes Vaudeville
Comic Epitaphs
Turkey In The Straw Sketch
Sold for $12.00
Edison Blue Amberol
It's A Long Long Way To Tipperary
Sold for $20.00
Edison Blue Amberol
Uncle Josh Buys An Automobile
Sold for $6.00

12 - March 27, 2022Complete Auction Listing2 items, 0 sold
Edison Opera
Not sold
Brunswick Phonograph
Not sold

11 - February 13, 2022Complete Auction Listing16 items, 10 sold
Okeh 4471
Mamie Smith and Her
Jazz Band
Sold for $30.00
Ajax 17058
Mamie Smith and Her
Jazz Hounds
Sold for $40.00
Edison Phonograph
Amberola 30
Sold for $225.00
Edison Phonograph
Standard Model F
Sold for $700.00

10 - January 9, 2022Complete Auction Listing8 items, 1 sold
Vocalion 03386
Hokum Boys
Not sold
Bluebird B-8605
Tommy McClennan
Not sold
Edison Opera Phonograph
Type S M, Model A
Not sold
Edison Diamond Disc
Sheraton Model S-19
Sold for $200.00

9 - November 21, 2021Complete Auction Listing10 items, 7 sold
Harmony 5417
Sisseretta's Visit North
Sold for $10.00
Busy-Bee 1425
Minstrel Record "F"
Sold for $20.00
Columbia 14427-D
Bessie Smith
Sold for $160.00
Cremonaphone Model B
Table Model Phonograph
Sold for $275.00

8 - October 17, 2021Complete Auction Listing12 items, 0 sold
RCA Radiola 28
AR920 Battery Radio
Not sold
His Masters Voice No 21
Orthophonic Reproducer
Not sold
Columbia 14053-D
Clara Smith
Not sold
Oil on canvas
Buddy Holly
Not sold

7 - September 12, 2021Complete Auction Listing16 items, 3 sold
Okeh 06419
Brownie McGhee
Sold for $20.00
Columbia AH Disc
Not sold
Mason & Risch Floor Model Gramophone
Not sold
Illustrated History
of Phonographs
Sold for $50.00

6 - June 13, 2021Complete Auction Listing11 items, 5 sold
Okeh 8109
Sylvester Weaver
Sold for $20.00
Parlophone 8744
Spivey & Johnson
Sold for $10.00
Bluebird B-8991
Tampa Red
Sold for $40.00
Home Recording
King George VI
Sold for $40.00

5 - May 2, 2021Complete Auction Listing10 items, 4 sold
Vocalion 03048
Papa Charlie Jackson
Sold for $50.00
Columbia Model AK
Disc Graphophone
Sold for $600.00
Eight 78 rpm Records
Oscar Peterson Trio
Sold for $30.00
Four-Record Album Set
Stan Kenton
Sold for $20.00

4 - March 28, 2021Complete Auction Listing7 items, 6 sold
Columbia 14041-D
Clara Smith Jazz Trio
Sold for $40.00
Vocalion 1404
Tampa Red
Sold for $20.00
Victor 20415
Jelly-Roll Morton
Sold for $40.00
Okeh 8188
Sara Martin's Jug Band
Sold for $50.00

3 - February 21, 2021Complete Auction Listing25 items, 9 sold
Vocalion A1059
King Oliver
Sold for $60.00
Vocalion 05325
Lizzie Miles
Sold for $35.00
Edison Horn Support
2 pcs, reproduction
Sold for $80.00
Carrying Case For
36 Phonograph Cylinders
Sold for $20.00

2 - January 10, 2021Complete Auction Listing21 items, 5 sold
Apex 4412
Sam Moore
Sold for $10.00
Decca 240064
The Internationals
Sold for $10.00
Victor 19070
Arthur Gibbs and His Gang
Sold for $5.00
Vocalion 1512
Memphis Minnie
Sold for $40.00

1 - November 29, 2020Complete Auction Listing33 items, 8 sold
Victor 17834
Six Brown Brothers
Sold for $5.00
Four Edison
2-minute Cylinders
Sold for $35.00
Cheney Upright Gramophone
Sold for $25.00
Gennett 5228
Christmas Greetings
Sold for $20.00