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Canadian Antique Phonograph Society
CAPS members are invited to enjoy Online Zoom Meetings every six weeks

View past meeting presentations on CAPS YouTube Channel
View past Zoom Auction Listings including prices of sold items

During normal times, the Canadian Antique Phonograph Society meets on a regular basis, currently eight times a year between September and June. CAPS meetings attract more than 50 members and guests. Arrive early to peruse the auction tables.

Each meeting begins with a presentation of about one hour in duration by one of our members or a specially-invited speaker on some aspect of recorded-sound history. This is followed by a 20-minute social period where members exchange information about records, machines and parts, survey the auction tables and any set price sale items, or view one of the displays that members often set up. Facilities are also available for screening short videos during the meeting.

Following this is an auction of a wide variety of sound machines, recordings and music-related ephemera. Guests are welcomed at our meetings. To participate in the auction, however, you must be a member.

Members are always encouraged to display their collectables at CAPS meetings, the rare and the beautiful in their collections, their prized possessions or their latest finds, especially if they relate in some way to the speaker's presentation.


Centennial College, Progress Campus
Markham Road exit off Highway 401
Toronto, Ontario

Room: B1-16      Entrance: Door 9
Parking: Lot 3
Date & Time: Sunday 1:00-5:00 pm

By transit:

From the Kennedy subway station, take the Scarborough RT.
Ride 4 stops to Scarborough Centre station.
Descend 2 levels to the bus platform level.
Up at far end, take the Progress 134 bus.
Get off at the first stop beyond Markham Road
       (announced as 921 Progress Ave).
The entrance walkway to Centennial College is straight ahead.

FREE PARKING is available by entering a PIN into the keypad at the east entrance to Parking Lot 3.
PIN access is provided exclusively to CAPS members and is restricted to scheduled meeting dates only.

Come to the meeting room and get the PIN from one of the members.

For CAPS members, the current PIN is available at:  Parking PIN