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             Jan-Feb 2006

  The Regal Phonograph Co. Limited of Toronto - Part I by Jennifer Mueller
  At The Auction by Mark Caruana

             Mar-Apr 2006

  Another Nightmare Story ... But In The End An Interesting Discovery by Jean-Paul Agnard
  The Regal Phonograph Co. Limited of Toronto - Part II by Jennifer Mueller
  Vernon Dalhart: First Star of Country Music (book review) by David Lennick

             May-Jun 2006

  Clearing Music Rights for CD Compilations by Mark Quail
  Auction Notes by Keith Wright
  Caruso and "Vecchia Zimarra" by John E. Rutherford

             Jul-Oct 2006
           (double issue)

  John Philip Sousa: A Short History and a Modern Day Re-creation by Mike Dicecco and Bob Nix
  Standfield MacPherson Company, Phonographs: What's in a Picture - Applied Forensics by Arthur E. Zimmerman and Betty Minaker Pratt
  BlueBox-o-phones, Trojanphones and the Spousal Acceptance Factor by Keith Wright

             Nov-Dec 2006

  Edison Museum of Vienna by Bob Nix
  Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame Gala by Mark Cauana and Mike Bryan
  Ephemera: Early Nod to Nipper by Betty Minaker Pratt and Bill Pratt