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Sunday, September 8 at 1:00 pm ET
at Centennial College, Progress Campus, Room E2-12 (click for directions)
This meeting is both In Person and Zoom
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Antique Phonograph News
Summer 2024

 Meeting Reports for April and May, 2024 by Norman Brooks
 Berliner in Canada by Blain McCutchen
 Emma Albani (1847-1930): A Diva Not to be Forgotten by Barry R. Ashpole
 Domenic DiBernardo Passes Away (1946-2024) by Mark Caruana-Dingli
 Pocket Phonograph by Bill Pratt
 The St. Clair Tinfoil Phonograph by Mark Caruana-Dingli
 R.S Williams and Sons Co. Ltd. by Bill Pratt
 CAPS Meeting Schedule for the 2024-2025 Season by CAPS Members
 Auction Highlights for April, 2024 by Mike Bryan
 Auction Highlights for May, 2024 by Norman Brooks

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Canadian-Made Talking Machines

Music (Makes The World Go 'Round)
Dance Bands
From Canada


© 2000 Canadian Antique Phonograph Society

"This CD focuses on dance bands from the 1920s, the fabled "Jazz Age", and presents a cross section of sides by Canadians playing here and abroad. The music spans the complete spectrum from straight dance music to some peppy sides to some quite hot tracks."

--- from the booklet notes

Purchase for $15.00 CAD (inside Canada) or $20.00 CAD (outside Canada)

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